Industry's green ingredient.

Glass sands & powders made from 100% recycled glass

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What We Do

Envirosand is an Australian-owned company producing quality processed sands & powders made from 100% recycled glass.

Using innovative recycling processes developed at our Brisbane manufacturing plant, we recover glass waste previously destined for landfill, converting it into a valuable glass sands & powders.

We provide a sustainable alternative to the mining of virgin quarried sand products, for use across a range of industries.

While mining continues to deplete our natural resources, a growing mountain of glass waste threatens to inundate our cities with landfill; we provide environmentally sustainable alternative uses to deal with the waste glass issue. We aim to be a part of a new vision of a world in which the environment, human beings, manufacturing and financial prosperity are all valued equally, functioning as a whole.


Turning a waste problem into
a green solution.




More than 60% of the world’s glass waste ends up in landfill. Glass is one of the waste industry’s biggest unsolved problems due to its weight, abrasiveness, physical properties and separation difficulties. Putting glass waste into landfill is cheaper than glass waste recovery because of the strict specifications imposed by traditional glass recyclers.

Envirosand is turning a waste problem into a green solution with innovative processes - firstly recovering waste glass, and then converting it into products with a range of practical industry uses.


Envirosand has been producing recycled glass products for over two years and strives to produce high quality, price-competitive glass sands and powders on-time, on-specification and on-budget.

We are currently putting in place plans to upscale our product and technology nationally in Australia whilst also globally seeking long-term relationships with customers, suppliers, partners and stakeholders who share our vision.


Envirosand is already a pioneer in product development and innovation, scaling new technologies in processing waste in ways that deliver high volume, quality products to a new market. This model is repeatable and scalable nationally and globally.



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