We use innovative recycling technology developed in our Brisbane plant to recover glass waste destined for landfill, converting it into high-quality processed sands & powders. 

Enviro Sand product is comprised of well-graded, angular, hard, durable, inert particles, that provide a superior alternative to quarried sand. We provide a high-quality, innovative, cost-effective, environmentally-sustainable product range for use as a component in many construction products as a replacement for quarried sand.


Benefits of Using Enviro Sand

Using Enviro Sand as a component in your products improves their quality owing to the inherent and unique attributes of processed glass sands. The use of Enviro Sand also provides your products with Green credentials; governments and leading private companies are increasingly looking to suppliers to incorporate recycled materials into all public civil works.

High Quality Products

Enviro Sand processes waste glass in a purpose-built facility that separates and removes major contaminants such as paper and plastic from the glass. The final product is then graded by particle size for specific end use applications – with the grading process producing a highly consistent end-product.

Environmentally Sustainable

Enviro Sand sources its glass fines from co-mingled waste otherwise destined for landfill. The extraction and processing of these glass fines into quality sands results in the beneficial reuse of a valuable resource. Using processed sands also reduces the environmental impacts associated with mined sand, a finite natural resource.

Unique Competitive Advantage

Using this innovative component in your own products gives you the green advantage in a crowded marketplace. When you use Enviro Sand products you are using products that are fully recycled materials, produced to a consistently high standard from a feedstock that would otherwise be sent to landfill.



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